CW18 and My 24 Channel Rescan

Channel Rescan.png
Channel Rescan on October 18, 2019

If you currently receive CW18 & My 24-WVTV, Channels 18 & 24, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, via antenna, you will need to rescan the channels on your digital receiver on or after 2am on October 18th, in order to continue receiving the signal over the air.

If you receive CW18 & My 24 via cable or satellite, the channel you watch will not change.

Rescanning is simple and requires no new equipment or services.

For more information on how to rescan your TV’s tuner, visit or call 414-815-4124.

Rescan your channels after 2am on October 18th to continue receiving CW18 & My 24 in Milwaukee.

If you are looking for information on how to rescan channels on your TV, you can also visit