Boost your immunity during flu season

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Photo: FY Studios

The flu is on the rise and reports are saying it is rough this year. While doctors suggest getting the flu shot is still your best option as a preventative, there are alternative medicine solutions to consider to boost your immunity. Chiropractic treatments not only relieve pain but also improve physical function and performance. One little known fact, chiropractic care can even improve your immunity to illness.

More and more research points to enhanced immune function from spinal adjustments. Chiropractic alignments have been shown to boost coordinated responses of the nervous system and immune system. The better your nervous system communicates with your immune system the better the body can respond to illness, stress and disease.

One study showed people who were under chiropractic care for more than 5 years demonstrated a 200% greater immune function than those without chiropractic care.

So the next time you want a natural boost for your immune system call a chiropractor today.