Before fighting eviction from parents' home, 30-year-old studied business, enjoyed music

Michael Rotondo speaks outside his parents' Camillus home.

Before 30-year-old Mike Rotondo famously fought eviction from his parent's home in Camillus, he was a clean-cut student at West Genesee High School where he split time between math club and playing in the school's orchestra.

"I was interested in music. I played the double bass. I wish I had spent more time with that because I really had an opportunity to do something unique, but I didn't practice. I should have done that," Rotondo said.

Not sticking with the bass is one regret he wants others to learn from.

"Practice your instruments when you're doing that as a young person because you'll wish that you did when you're older," he advised.

Rotondo's interests also include technology and working on the internet.

After graduating high school in 2005, he studied at Onondaga Community College.

"I went for engineering, and when I couldn't do the math I switched to business," he said.

It was around that time he moved into his own apartment in Syracuse and found a job.

"Full-time job, very promising position actually, but I lost that job. Those were my circumstances at that time," he said.

For the past eight years he's been back at his parent's house, and recently lost custody of his son.

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Now, his welcome is officially worn out, and the world is dissecting everything about him as his legal fight plays out publicly.

"You know, like, why do I need to pay for haircuts?" Rotondo said of his long hair.

He says he needs three more months, and then he'll be ready to move out, and maybe get that haircut.

"I have a trim in my future supposedly."

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