Student creates bullet resistant laptop case in wake of school shootings

ZipShield - Photo courtesy Jimerson Armor.jpg
ZipShield - Photo courtesy Jimerson Armor

Over the last few years, students of all ages say they believe they are at risk and no longer safe at school.

A University of Oregon student has come up with an added form of protection that could save lives - a bullet resistant laptop case.

UO senior Jesse Jimerson said shootings like the one last week in Texas are part of the motivation behind the idea.

“Something about what’s going on, it’s on my mind more, it was enough and I wanted to do something,” Jimerson said. “It’s something we talk about, for sure. Talking with friends, we will say 'do you think this will happen here, where do you sit?'"

So Jimerson set out to find something to carry with him for protection, but as he searched he found only expensive bullet proof plates for backpacks.

“So I thought if I could somehow just have a laptop sleeve but it's bullet resistant and don't have to think about it,” Jimerson said.

That's when he created Jimerson Armor's ZipShield, a bullet resistant laptop case no bigger than the one many students already carry. This one, however, could save lives.

“If you’re running from someone, you could hold your back pack on your back or hold it in front of you. Of course it's not a perfect solution by any standard, but it's a lot better than nothing,” Jimerson said.

Jesse says the case will not protect from all guns or bullets, but gives an added level of protection he says students need.

“I just want people to have more access to something like this that has the potential to save their lives,” Jimerson said.

Jimerson says he hopes all parents and students will consider investing in some kind of protection. For more information on the Zip Shield visit Jimerson Armor’s Website.