WATCH: Maryland police officer shows off unbelievable basketball move in 1-on-1 game


As the Howard County Police Department shared on their Facebook page, it was an “AND1 Mixtape” move from the unnamed officer. (@Lizzleeeee/Twitter)

Sometimes on the night shift, you show off your basketball moves – or at least that was the case for one Howard County police officer recently.

In a video shared last Thursday on Twitter, the officer was doing a check at Roger Carter Community Center when he showed up a player one-on-one in full uniform with a move that you have to see to explain.

As the Howard County Police Department wrote on their Facebook page, it was an “AND1 Mixtape” move from the unnamed officer.

But the best part may be the reaction the apparent teenager and audience gave in response to him getting schooled on the court.

After realizing what had happened, the boy put his hands on his head, then ran out of the gym with loud playful jeers reacting to the basketball move. The one recording the one-on-one on camera even followed the boy as he ran away.

It was all in good fun, though, as even the boy seemed to have a laugh about it. Maybe next time he’ll be ready for it.

Corey Little, the excited voice behind the video that has now gone viral, says he’s still in shock.

“I seen him size him up,” he said, of the Howard County Police officer who was playing basketball with one of Little’s friends, “like go between the legs and behind the back a couple of times, and I said, ‘If he throws this ball over the head, it’s going to be crazy.’ And he did it! And I was like, ‘Man!’ And the whole gym just went crazy.”

For Little, watching the video that he recorded and posted on social media doesn’t get old.

“I was like, ‘Man! I just want to see what’s going to happen,’ so I pulled out the phone and started recording,” he said.

The 21-year-old says they’ve played basketball with the officer before, so they knew he had talent on the court.

“I played him one on one one time,” he said. “He’s a pretty solid dude.”

The Howard County Police Officer in the video doesn’t want to be identified. Spokesperson for the Howard County Police Department, Sherry Llewellyn, said it’s this kind of activity that’s at the heart of community policing.

“An officer who engages with the people that he serves, wants to be around them, talks with them, gets to know them, and have those kids get to know him in a comfortable environment, and that’s really the goal,” Llewellyn said.

It’s a slam dunk, of sorts, for creating relationships that the department says are crucial.

“It’s pretty cool to have an officer come in there and just play basketball with us and kick it with us,” Little said.

With millions of views, it’s a move and a story shared all over.