Main Stage: Milwaukee Co. Sheriff K-9 Unit

Main Stage: Milwaukee Co. Sheriff K-9 Unit

Milwaukee Co. Sheriff K-9 Unit

A K-9’s job is to work for City and state police, county sheriff departments and federal law agencies. Their duties include (yet not limited to) street patrols, drug detection, search and recovery, tracking suspects, searches for suspects or missing people, weapon detection, explosives detection and more.

The MECA Wisconsin Police Canine Vest Foundation, Inc.'s mission is to protect every police dog in the state of Wisconsin by providing them with bullet resistant and stab proof vests as well as assist Wisconsin K-9 Units in purchasing police dogs and equipment needed to help protect and serve the communities. Learn more about their mission and support the cause today!

Members of the Milwaukee Co. Sheriff K-9 Unit will be in attendance at the Be Well Milwaukee Expo, will be available for meet-and-greets with the partners, and will be performing a training demonstration. **Please note: the suspect apprehension portion of the demonstration may be too intense for young attendees. Parental discretion is advised.

Enjoy a full day of special guests, booth exhibitors, and entertainment at the Be Well Expo 2018 Saturday, March 10th from 10a - 5p at Southridge Mall!