10-year-old Milwaukee Entrepreneur to appear on HARRY (01.06.17)


Wisconsin is joining the party on Friday's all-new episode of HARRY with not one, but two guests representing the Dairy State! Running a business is a difficult task especially when you have to find the time between homework and chores! Ten-year-old Alex Upendo from Milwaukee, owns his own company by the name of, Build-a-Bow LLC, designing custom bow ties and carving out a portion of the profits for charity. He joins Harry to share his story and the inspiration behind the business.

The other guest is Wisconsin native Sarah "The Cheese Lady" Kaufmann, showcasing her special cheese sculptures. Watch a segment of Ms. Kaufmann HERE.

Watch the clip above to get a taste of Alex Upendo's appearance, and don't miss the episode TONIGHT - January 6th at 5 & 9p on Super18: the CW!