A Special Encore of New Series CHARMED Casts a Spell October 27th

A Special Encore of New Series CHARMED Casts a Spell October 27th on CW18

CW18 is offering viewers who missed the premiere of CHARMED a chance to get up to speed with the new drama series this Saturday night.

The new take on the sisters three bowed as part of the all-new CW Sunday, October 14th. The first two episodes of the supernatural series, "Pilot" and "Let this Mother Out," will air on a special day and time Saturday, October 27th, starting at 8pm on CW18 to give Milwaukee area viewers the opportunity to catch up before the season continues with episode three on Sunday night. This reimagining of the successful WB series features the Vera sisters, who will hone their skills and embrace their destiny while battling demons in their college town. The sisters are portrayed by the trio of Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, and Sarah Jeffery.

"Stronger together." That's what Marisol tells her daughters, Melanie "Mel" Vera, and her sister Maggie, about their family. But then, a shocking tragedy shatters their world and threatens their sibling bond: Marisol dies in a horrifying accident. Three months later, another shock shows up at their front door: an older sister, brilliant geneticist Macy, whom their mother kept a secret all these years! With the emotions of all three sisters running high, each of the girls suddenly exhibits impossible new abilities: freezing time, hearing others' thoughts, and telekinetic powers. But there's a perfectly reasonable explanation...or so says Henry Greenwood when he gathers the three together to reveal they're actually powerful witches, like their mother. It's a lot to take in, but they ultimately accept their new destiny. With the Power of Three, they are stronger together...even if they have no idea what they're really up against.

Conjure up some bewitching drama with the all-new CHARMED! Don't miss the special encore presentation this Saturday night from 8-10pm and watch all-new episodes Sundays at 8pm after SUPERGIRL on CW18!