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ARROW Bows Out with Series Finale Event January 28th


After 8 years, countless missions completed and villains defeated, a city and MULTI-VERSE saved, it's time to say farewell to ARROW. The foundation of the Arrowverse and game-changing program that reshaped a television network takes its final bow with a two-hour series finale event Tuesday, January 28th at 7pm.

Launching the fall of 2012 on The CW, ARROW entered a landscape that was populated with female-centric dramas like GOSSIP GIRL, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, and 90210. It filled a void left by SMALLVILLE, the WB holdover (it merged with UPN to become The CW in 2006) powerhouse that ended its run in 2011 and featured its own Oliver Queen/Green Arrow -- Justin Hartley -- filling the role of Clark Kent's best friend and brother in spandex typically held by Bruce Wayne/Batman in the comics. The show was far from a sure thing and many eyebrows were raised when it was announced as a new, standalone series with a fresh-faced actor filling out the leather and mask. ARROW hit its mark and beyond in its first season thanks to gritty, heart-stopping fight sequences, flashbacks that helped inform current storylines while raising new questions that kept viewers hooked, and a cinematic scope and pace that made every episode feel like an event.

The millionaire playboy turned hooded vigilante started out on a one man mission of vengeance. A list of crooked business men, socialites, and supposed civil servants who put their financial gains and power plays ahead of the city's well-being guided Oliver's path. He would set right all of the wrongs left behind by his father and the other elite, and along the way found himself aligned with others who wanted to do good and save their home and its citizens. Fast forward eight years and the grounded show about a modern day Robin Hood is the cornerstone of a television universe unlike any other. It created the Arrowverse -- a universe filled with superheroes who protect their cities and loved ones and team up for anticipated crossover events like this year's six show, five hour event, "Crisis on Infinite Earths." The show is now linked forever to THE FLASH (2014), SUPERGIRL (2015), DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (2015), BLACK LIGHTNING (2017), BATWOMAN (2019), SUPERMAN AND LOIS (announced for the 2020-21 season), and potentially GREEN ARROW & THE CANARIES (awaiting pick-up decision for 2020-21).


Within Crisis, we saw Oliver Queen die -- TWICE -- sacrificing himself both as the Green Arrow and as the Spectre to save his friends, his family, and billions of people from the Anti-Monitor. His grown daughter, Mia, has taken up the bow and carries his legacy back in her timeline in 2040 Star City. Her adventures with Dinah and Laurel in the newly formed Earth Prime will be the subject of their potential spin-off as seen in Episode 9, "Green Arrow & the Canaries," which aired January 21st.

The series finale will be a two-hour event TONIGHT at 7pm. It starts with a celebratory retrospective entitled, "Arrow: Hitting the Bullseye" at 7pm. It will prepare you for the finale with cast interviews from star Stephen Amell and others, as well as executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Beth Schwartz. Then at 8pm, Stephen Amell signs off as the Green Arrow we've come to know and love in episode 170, titled "Fadeout." His on-screen wife, Felicity Smoak, returns to say goodbye as Emily Bett Rickards reprises her role. She was last seen at the end of season 7 before leaving as a series regular ahead of season 8. An epic fight sequence, secret guest stars, and many familiar faces' returns to Star City can be expected as we say our final farewell to the show that berthed a television dynasty.

Heroes fall. Legends Rise. Watch as ARROW takes its final bow with the two-hour series finale event TONIGHT at 7pm on CW18!

Programming note: if you DVR, the finale will be "off-clock" and ends at 9:01pm CT. Be warned you may want to adjust your recording time so it doesn't cut off.

As a fun throwback, check out our first Fan Convention experience back in 2014. Barry Allen had just been introduced in season 2 of ARROW and the fresh-faced cast took the stage in Chicago at one of their first cons for a Q & A panel at Walker Stalker Con. CW18's own Bryon Jende asked for their thoughts on the potential of launching THE FLASH and being a foundation for DC TV. Added bonus: Stephen Amell's cousin, former Arrowverse star himself, Robbie Amell aka Ronnie Raymond -- one half of the original Firestorm, in the opening seconds can be seen leaning against a pillar in the background as he takes in the panel. He was appearing to promote THE TOMORROW PEOPLE and graciously granted us an interview -- as did John Diggle himself, David Ramsey -- later that morning.