BLACK LIGHTNING powers up Tuesday, January 16th at 8pm on CW18.

CW18 is getting a new Superhero in 2018! Black Lightning is the fifth DC superhero series to join The CW Network's lineup in recent years. The show kicks off when Principal Jefferson Pierce (played by Hart of Dixie alum Cress Williams) has to bring his superhero persona out of retirement to suit up and use electrifying powers to save his community. His big focus will be fighting against a menacing local gang known as The One Hundred (no, not Clarke and the gang of apocalypse survivors) and he hasn't lost a step. Between his fighting skills and his ability to shoot electrical blasts from his hands, Pierce is more than ready to take on The One Hundred gang. The series picks up long after Pierce's first stint as a superhero--a job he gave up for his family.

Black Lightning was originally created in 1977 and was the first black superhero to be given his own comic book. It's only fitting that the character is also the first black superhero to lead his own network TV show.

Black Lightning premieres on Tuesday, January 16th at 8pm following the mid-season return of The Flash. Enjoy!!