Comedy Legend Jerry Stiller, Star of THE KING OF QUEENS, Dead at 92

Remembering THE KING OF QUEEN's Jerry Stiller (1927-2020)

We mourn the loss of a comedy legend that has entertained the masses for decades with the passing of actor-comedian Jerry Stiller at age 92.

Early Monday morning his son, actor Ben Stiller, shared the news on social media.

Stiller sharpened his comedic chops and found success in the Second City comedy troupe performing opposite his wife (and THE KING OF QUEENS co-star), Anne Meara, who died in 2015. As a comedy team, "Stiller & Meara" rose to prominence in the comedy scene appearing on variety shows. They went on to successful individual careers, as well.

We hold Jerry Stiller near and dear to our hearts thanks to his hilarious turn as Arthur Spooner on THE KING OF QUEENS, which originally ran for 9 seasons and 206 episodes on CBS. We've enjoyed the legacy of his work alongside TV daughter and son-in-law, portrayed by Leah Remini and Kevin James, respectively, thanks to counting the show among our local syndicated programming roster for years here in Milwaukee. His co-stars were among the countless outlets and individuals, who took to social media to share their respects and stories about the endearing performer.

Stiller also notably appeared in 26 episodes during the successful run of SEINFELD (1993-1998) as George's fiery father, Frank Costanza. He has 115 television and film credits to his name on, which include appearances alongside his son Ben Stiller in ZOOLANDER (2001), ZOOLANDER 2 (2016), and THE HEARTBREAK KID (2007). He will be missed by all.

Enjoy Jerry Stiller's comedy stylings as Arthur Spooner on THE KING OF QUEENS, weeknights at 11 & 11:30pm on CW18.