CW18's Arrowverse Superheroes face CRISIS beginning Sunday, December 8th

The 5-Episode CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Crossover Event begins Sunday, December 8th at 7pm on CW18.

A Crisis is coming...It's the end of the worlds. The annual Arrowverse superhero Crossover Event is bigger than ever and will involve characters from SIX shows and span five episodes between two months starting Sunday, December 8th at 7pm.

WARNING: Very Mild Plot Point Spoilers Follow (if you're not caught up on the Arrowverse shows)

After an initial tease back in the pilot of THE FLASH in 2014 and true announcement after the events of last winter's Elseworlds Crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths is here and the landscape of The CW's Arrowverse will never be the same. Based on the legendary comics event that lends its namesake, Crisis will unite our favorite heroes and beyond to face the cosmic being known as the Anti-Monitor as he seeks to wipe out all of reality. #Goals, am I right? His brother, the Monitor, arrived during Elseworlds and struck a mysterious deal with Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) to spare the lives of Barry Allen (The Flash) and Kara Zor-el (Supergirl).

The Monitor came to collect and has been using Oliver and Team Arrow -- now including his grown children from the future -- to execute tasks leading into Crisis. Barry Allen has been fated to vanish in Crisis for years, and has been emotionally trying to prepare the team at S.T.A.R. Labs and his family for his anticipated demise. Kara and J'onn have been put through the emotional wringer with family and friends on Earth-38, and nothing will prepare them for what's next. Newly minted Batwoman and currently in the dark Black Lightning are about to have their worlds rocked by true discovery of the multiverse, and the Legends are off of last year's bench and back in the game for the all-hands-on-deck mission of saving the infinite earths. Needless to say, the stakes are high.

Enter The Monitor and his mission: to ready the best of the best from across the multiverse for a final stand against his sibling's evil plan. There are seven heroes from across the infinite earths that have the ability to bring down the Anti-Monitor, and everyone of the heroes we've come to know and love will have a role to play. Joining the fight during the sixth annual crossover event are characters from BLACK LIGHTNING, which until this point have been in their own universe away from the other DCTV shows. Legends of the Batman Universe Burt Ward (aka Robin from the 1960s Batman TV series) and beloved animated series voice actor Kevin Conroy will also appear, along with the return of 1990s Barry Allen, John Wesley Shipp, and Ashley Scott's Huntress from The WB's Birds of Prey series.

When trying to save reality itself, it's a tall order for any hero, including super powered Kryptonians. Luckily, the multiverse has more than a few in existence to recruit. Tyler Hoechlin's Man of Steel from SUPERGIRL returns with Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) and their new bundle of joy in tow. ARROW and LEGENDS star Brandon Routh will play double duty -- starring as both Ray Palmer (The Atom) and returning to his cinematic roots in Superman Returns (2006) to suit up as the Big Blue Boy Scout once again as an alternate version of Superman based on the popular Kingdom Come comics storyline. Finally, making a long awaited return to The CW's world of superheroes is Tom Welling, reprising his role as SMALLVILLE's Clark Kent. He will be joined by his former co-star Erica Durance as Lois Lane, who previously guest starred on SUPERGIRL as the second actress to portray her Kryptonian mother, Alura.

The 1985 comics series killed hundreds of characters, merged worlds, and reset continuity across all of the DC Universe. This epic, 5-part crossover is not to be taken lightly, and will have ramifications that spread across the six current shows and beyond. This the largest undertaking the creatives and actors involved have ever set out to do, and it really is unprecedented in television. In fact, with so many characters set to share the screen and the amount of story to tell, the crossover will be expanded in a two-issue comics series, Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant, written by Marv Wolfman, the writer of the 1985 original series, and ARROW Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim and illustrated by Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott, John Kalisz, Andy Owens, Hi-Fi, Tom Grummett, Danny Miki, and Chris Sotomayor. The comics will feature both new story content featuring characters that aren't in the crossover for logistical, financial, and creative reasons, as wel as reprint elements from the original series, and will debut exclusively in Walmart stores on December 15, 2019 and January 19, 2020.

There will be a lot to process during the event so, to help, famed Director Kevin Smith will be hosting two editions of a post-Crisis talk show called Aftermath that will break down the happenings of the episodes and feature guests including show talent and producers to help navigate all that will be seen.

Suit Up, gather your fellow superhero fans, and enjoy what's sure to be an emotionally charged, wild ride! Worlds will live, world will die...and nothing will ever be the same.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS begins Sunday, December 8th at 7pm on CW18!

Sunday, December 8th -- Part 1 (SUPERGIRL) 7pm | CRISIS: AFTERMATH I 8pm

Monday, December 9th -- Part 2 (BATWOMAN) 7pm | BLACK LIGHTNING 8pm (Crisis-themed tie-in)

Tuesday, December 10th -- Part 3 (THE FLASH) 7pm | CRISIS: AFTERMATH II 8pm

Tuesday, January 14th -- Part 4 (ARROW) 7pm | Part 5 (special episode of DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW) 8pm