DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Finales as iZOMBIE Premieres on SUPER Tuesday Night

April 4th -- DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season Finale 7p | iZOMBIE Season Premiere 8p

Get ready for an action packed night with fan favorites from The CW! Tuesday, April 4th features the season two finale for DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and the season three premiere of iZOMBIE.

First on the heart-pounding season finale of DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, the team tries to fix reality and eliminate speedster Reverse-Flash's Doomworld dominated by the Legion of Doom. They'll head back to World War I in an attempt to set things right in the season ended, which Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim promises will feature "major deaths," a sisterly reunion, and a game-changing reveal for season three.

Unlike the end of season one, which revealed new characters to the show, this finale didn't have room to reveal new cast members, though they are in the works for next season. Get ready for a thrill ride, at the special time of 7pm, to see the rag-tag group of heroes break their own time travel rules to save their world.

Then at 8p, fan favorite Zom-Com-Rom-Dram iZOMBIE returns to quench the thirst for more of Liv and Team Z with a brand new season. Now one is more excited for the return after a year-long hiatus than series star Rose McIver and her cast-mates, who are one of the most fan-engaged casts you'll find on social media. Check out her limo antics while out promoting the show's return.

Now that Clive is in the know with the rest of the group, Team Z is set to take on the growing zombie problem in Seattle. The problem includes the discovery that a private military contractor is employing a small zombie army that is waiting to be unleashed on humanity. Let the fun begin!

Don't miss the season finale of DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Tuesday, April 4th at 7p, followed by the season premiere of iZOMBIE at 8p on Super18: the CW! Get those snacks and drinks ready for a great night!