Download the Web's Best Offerings with TBD's THE LINK

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Dive deep into the hottest content from the web with TBD's The Link, weeknights at 9pm & Sundays from 4-6pm on CW18!

CW18's newest lineup addition is ready to take you on a deep dive into the tumultuous waters of the world wide web. Strap yourself in for a nightly unpredictable tour courtesy of TBD's The Link, weeknights at 9pm!

TBD’s The Link, hosted by TBD Bytes fan favorite, Lorena Abreu, takes viewers on a hilarious viral video clip trip - starting with one video and linking from clip to clip to clip until you end up somewhere completely different from where you started! The show is from the minds at the recently refreshed, all-new free broadcast network that combines the best of television and the internet. TBD prides itself on keeping a finger on the pulse of the digital landscape's most entertaining content and creative creators and inviting viewers along for new adventures every day. Drawing from the world of random awesomeness and featuring culinary capers, jaw-dropping action, hilarious pranks and comedy, music, fitness, and gaming, TBD's programming delivers content you never knew you needed in your life.

While the network is yet to have a regular presence on linear TV in Milwaukee, TBD's The Link is the first title from its content hub to be tested in the Brew City. The show is slated for a four-week run on CW18, airing both weeknights at 9pm and in 4-episode blocks on Sunday afternoons from 4-6pm. While the show brings its zany entertainment to our schedule each night, regularly scheduled 9pm episodes of Late Night Laughs anchor THE GOLDBERGS will move to 2am. The rest of the comedy block remains intact starting at 9:30pm through June 26th.

Host Lorena Abreu is a hyperactive parkour athlete, model, actor, dancer, and host packed into a 5'2" frame. Her competitive efforts on Exatlón Estados Unidos earned her the nickname "La Hormiga Atómica, " which translates to the "Atomic Ant" and refers to the 1965 Hanna-Barbera superhero cartoon character. She currently competes as a professional tagger on FOX's new series Ultimate Tag. She brings a positive, bubbly personality to the screen as she serves as your internet tour guide on TBD's The Link.

Enjoy a mix of viral videos, meme life, and sketches on the hilarious new series TBD's The Link, weeknights at 9pm and Sundays from 4-6pm on Milwaukee's CW18!