Encore of "Crisis On Earth-X" Superhero Crossover Event airs September 17 & 18

Encore of "Crisis On Earth-X" Superhero Crossover Event airs September 17 & 18 on CW18.

The start of an all-new super season is almost here! All-new chapters of the Arrowverse shows and season two of Black Lightning begin starting Tuesday, October 9th.

To whet the appetite for justice while we await the new fall season, fans of the super-powered programs have a chance to relive this past November's epic two-night, four-show crossover event as "Crisis On Earth-X" encores Monday, September 17th and Tuesday, September 18th from 7-9pm on CW18.

Monday, September 17th:

Supergirl 7pm

Arrow 8pm

Tuesday, September 18th:

The Flash 7pm

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 8pm

A lineup of fan favorite heroes and villains teamed up for last season's colossal "Crisis On Earth-X" event. The four-show crossover features characters from Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow gathering for the wedding of The Flash's Barry Allen and Iris West. As no Arrowverse celebration can be clean and simple, visitors from a previously unknown 53rd Earth in the multiverse, Earth-X, breach onto Earth 1 and interrupt the nuptials. As our favorite heroes discover, Earth-X is a desolate version of the planet where Nazis won World War II and the conquering regime is now lead by its versions of Supergirl and Green Arrow, working with the Reverse Flash. With enemies unlike any they've encountered, and a doomsday device threatening Earth 1's existence, our band of super friends team up and head into battle to rescue friends and save the world.

The "Crisis On Earth-X" event features huge action sequences, multiple multiverse locales, sinister cameos, and the introduction of new allies. Don't miss out on a moment of the fun!

The new Super Season of DCTV Superheroes begins Tuesday, October 9th with The Flash at 7pm and Black Lightning at 8pm on Milwaukee's CW18!