MAURY Season 20

Photo Credit: MAURY | © NBC Universal, Inc.

Maury Povich began his 20th season with his show Maury this season and I had an opportunity to speak to him about the show and some of the more memorable things that he/we have watched playout.

Maury started his career as a journalist and has always and will always run his show like a news room. He is proud of the fact that he has a full staff of production teams that evaluate each family and story wanting to make it on the air. He says that all of the stories are real as are the people. Maury said they want join him on air for a resolution to whatever problem might be facing their families. Maury truly believes that the way that he handles each story makes the families comfortable and that's why they choose him to help with the resolution. His show is a safe haven and you feel that every time you watch it.

I asked Maury about the one story that really was the most shocking to him and there was absolutely no hesitation in his answer. It was a woman who was pregnant with twins from two different fathers. It has happened not once but twice on his show. Something that doctors call a one in a million situation. I told him I didn't even know that something like that could even happen and he stated "Neither did I!" He told me the phenomenon can happen when two eggs from the same mother get fertilized by two different fathers in the same ovulation period. Who knew???

So if you want to watch some real TV this is it. Congratulations Maury on 20 years! Here's to many more. Watch Maury, weekdays at 10am & 2pm on Milwaukee's CW18!