PHOTOS | Summerfest 2017: Day 7 (07.05.17)

The master of auto tune effects, T-Pain, headlines the Uline Warehouse. Photo Credit: 1824 Promo Staff

A great time was had on Day 7 at the Uline Warehouse with Miller Lite and Super18: the CW & My 24 stage. We started the evening with a Milwaukee Band known as Failure to Launch. A group of public school teachers that do way more than teach. They got the crowd on it's feet with a mixture of music from rock to R & B to 90's pop hits. Their energy was amazing and the crowd really feed off that energy. The band absolutely believes that if they are having fun ( and they are) then the party will extend to the audience. It was a fun and very entertaining show. You can watch our full interview with the band on and

Keeping the party moving was Dr. B. He is also a Milwaukee native who uses his D.J. skills to keep the everything rolling. Here's how he described himself:

What's good ya'll? DR.B, I'm the guy representing all forms and styles of DJing. Since 1981 at my first gig, a basement party for my guy at Milwaukee Tech High School, I've had a love and respect for Old School Funk and Rap music. But my family taught me to respect all music, so I got into The Temptations and Ray Charles for Blues and Doowop. Queen, The Police, and Yes for Rock to sprinkle over my Parliament Funkadelic, Sugarhill Gang, Kurtis Blow, and Run DMC records. Fast forward to 2006 -- That same respect is applied. I've won battles in mixing and scratching from LA to Milwaukee to Atlantic City. Along the way I've gained DJ knowledge from my hero Grand Master Flash and scratch masters Jazzy Jeff and Q-Bert, to your local tavern DJ on 2 CD players, to the wedding DJ who knows how to get your grandma on the floor with his vocal and people skills. The result is a humble but awesome force on the 1's and 2's | THE MIDWEST MIXER DR.B.

It's always great to be able to give some love to local groups!

Next up was Milwaukee's Finest and club group that really brought it. I checked out their FB page and here's how they described themselves.

If music is what you like, we have the sound you want to hear. Old School, Pop, Rock, Smooth Jazz and more. The music will make you dance!

And dance everyone did. The Lakefront was rocking.

We were able to talk to the good Dr. and Milwaukee's Finest. Watch the exclusive interviews on and, as well.

The fun is winding down so make sure that you check out Summerfest 2017 soon. The festival will end Sunday, July 9th.

Oh, and don't let the parking and traffic deter you from going. Take the Freeway Flyer it is the fastest and easiest way into the festival. Here's a link to help you out.