SUPERNATURAL Potential Spin-Off WAYWARD SISTERS Airs January 18th

SUPERNATURAL Potential Spin-Off WAYWARD SISTERS Airs January 18th

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Grab your lucky demon blade and stock up on rock salt rounds, SUPERNATURAL faithful! The backdoor pilot for the potential spin-off of the granddaddy CW series is ready to amp up the girl power on January 18th!

After a failed attempt with the backdoor pilot SUPERNATURAL: BLOODLINES ahead of the 2014 season and at the urging of an online movement from fans of the beloved series, the team up in Vancouver will take another stab at a companion/potential legacy series to carry on the SUPERNATURAL brand when the parent franchise wraps for good. For those unfamiliar, SUPERNATURAL is the story of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, at times reluctant heroes who carry on the "family business" and mission of traveling the country to investigate things that go bump in the night and protect the innocent from otherworldly creatures and dangers.

A major difference with this attempt is that, instead of new characters hailing from monster families in Chicago, the core cast of WAYWARD SISTERS is made up of established, fan favorite characters that have been introduced via memorable stops along the path of the Winchesters' winding journey. Returning from the mid-season hiatus, January 18th's episode picks up with Sam and Dean having gone missing after going through a dimensional rift. Enter the "Wayward Sisters" and the mission to locate the boys. Sheriff Jody Mills rounds up an all-female team brimming with kick-a$$ girl power, including: friend and fellow Sheriff Donna Hanscum, as well as her own adopted daughters Claire Novak and Alex Jones, budding-psychic Patience Turner, and dreamcatcher Kaia Nieves.

SUPERNATURAL stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as the Brothers Winchester and is currently in its 13th season on CW18. The show has been a perennial performer for The WB and then CW network for over a decade, maintaining a steady following and growing a rabid and vocal fan base online no matter the schedule changes and numerous positions it has held during its impressive run. CW Network President Mark Pedowitcz continues to maintain the position of letting the show do it's thing as long as the cast wants to continue, the show has solid stories to tell, and the ratings hold steady. In the meanwhile it's been well documented that its stars are keen on hitting the 300 episode mark before calling it quits.

Should "Wayward Sisters" impress the network and receive a good response from the fans, WAYWARD SISTERS would be developed as a standalone series for the 2018-19 season, featuring Sheriff Mills and her foster family united in a goal to protect the innocent in South Dakota while overcoming tragedy from the monsters that have disrupted their lives. If a B.A. group of women battling supernatural forces of evil sounds like something you need more of in your life, watch the special episode of SUPERNATURAL tonight and sound off on social media! You can even LIVE TWEET with the stars!

SUPERNATURAL airs Thursdays at 7pm, followed by ARROW at 8pm on Milwaukee's CW18.