Week of April 16th Brings Returns, Finales, and More to CW18

It's going to be a crazy week with returns, finales, and a musical episode on CW18!

Get ready for another epiC Week of CW18 primetime programming! It may not look like Spring just yet in Wisconsin, but the season of returns, finales, and specials is in full effect on CW18!

It all starts with the return of SUPERGIRL after its 9 week hiatus. Now that DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW has finished its run for the year, the Girl of Steel and the gang from National City will air all-new episodes starting April 16th and run through June 18th. The show picks up with the death of Winn's father, Winslow Schott Sr. aka the Toyman, and the sudden reappearance of his estranged mother (played by Oscar-Nominated Actress Laurie Metcalf!).

Tuesday night will bring a monumental showdown to Freeland as Tobias Whale gathers his forces on the can't miss season one finale of BLACK LIGHTNING. If you haven't been watching or want to relive it from the beginning, encore episodes of the CW's newest DCTV show will air Thursdays at 8pm starting May 24th on CW18.

Wednesday will make your blood curdle with an all-new RIVERDALE and the final season premiere of THE ORIGINALS starting at 7pm. Chapter 31 of everyone's favorite drama-filled small town show is entitled "A Night to Remember" and the gang at Riverdale High is putting on "Carrie the Musical" under the watchful eye of Kevin Keller. Get ready to see the cast of characters like you've never seen them before. Down in New Orleans, a desperate Hope resorts to drastic measure to draw Klaus back to the city. Don't miss a pulse-pounding moment of the Mikaelsons' final chapter.

Thursday is business as usual with all new episodes of SUPERNATURAL and ARROW, leading to the fourth season's finale of JANE THE VIRGIN Friday at 8pm. Alba's big day arrives, River blurs lines with Rogelio, and Jane realizes Rafael is keeping a secret from her. It's like something out of a telenovela! Who'd have thunk it?!

Enjoy a full week of twists, turns, drama, and action that only CW18 primetime delivers! Defy Your World...Dare to Live in Ours.