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Beauty and the Beast


In the first season, Detective Catherine Chandler (Kruek) discovered a major clue during her murder investigation. The clue led her to cross path with Dr. Vincent Keller (Ryan), a man who supposedly died in Afghanistan in 2002. Keller suffers from a condition that causes his inner rage to turn him into a monster. Catherine agrees to keep Keller's identity hidden, in exchange for his help untangling the truth behind her mother's murder.

The second season followed Catherine as she worked nonstop to recover the missing parts of Vincent that he thought were gone for good.

In season three, Vincent and Catherine finally exposed their relationship to the world. Vincent and Catherine moved in together, and fought outside forces from tearing them apart. At the end of the season, they were married. As the final season begins, Vincent and Catherine return from their honeymoon.

The series stars Kristin Kreuk as Catherine "Cat" Chandler, Jay Ryan as Vincent Keller, Austin Basis as J. T. Forbes, Nina Lisandrello as Tess Vargas, and Nicole Gale Anderson as Heather Chandler.

Season 4 premiere - June 2 | Thursdays 9/8c

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