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CW18 411 | Interview with Javicia Leslie (01.15.20)

CW18 411_JLeslie_0115210.png
The new star of BATWOMAN, Javicia Leslie, breaks down her character & more in this exclusive interview!

All-new character to the Bat Family mythos Ryan Wilder is about to find her power in season 2 of BATWOMAN! Meet the actress responsible for inheriting the cowl and bringing Gotham City's new protector to life, Javicia Leslie. Hear from the Arrowverse's new actress as she breaks down her character that will quickly make a name for herself in Gotham City and beyond, her experience with booking the role and putting on the suit, and more!

Ms. Leslie joins the rest of our BATWOMAN favorites starting with the season premiere "What Happened to Kate Kane?" Sunday, January 17th at 7pm on Milwaukee's CW18!