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CW18 411 | Interview with Kirk Acevedo (04.21.19)

CW18 411_KAcevedo_042119.png
Get the CW18 411 on ARROW's Kirk Acevedo from Fan Fest Chicago 2019

Fandoms united at Fan Fest 2019 -- a combination of Walker Stalker Con and Heroes & Villains Fan Fest -- in Chicago April 19th-21st for an Easter weekend of cosplay, panels, and more. CW18's CW Insider Bryon Jende sat down for an exclusive interview with ARROW star and talented character actor, Kirk Acevedo. Get the CW18 411 on his experiences at fan events, what horror icon roles he was up for and wants to portray, and more! Now that the shocking season 7 finale flipped everything on its head, you won't want to miss a moment as the final ten episodes of the venerable cornerstone series play out next season on Milwaukee's CW18!

(recorded 04.21.19)