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Adorable, It Is: fan debuts 3-D printed 'Baby Yoda'

Adorable, It Is: fan debuts 3-D printed 'Baby Yoda' (Adorable, It Is: fan debuts 3-D printed 'Baby Yoda' (@LivingByDisney_)

ORLANDO, Fla. (STORYFUL)- A 3-D printed ‘Baby Yoda’ won the hearts of guests at a holiday-themed anime and gaming convention in Orlando, Florida.

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The captivating creature from the new Disney Plus show ‘The Mandalorian’ quickly became a pop-culture icon, inspiring memes and taking the internet by storm. Despite its nickname, the 50-year-old creature is not a young Grand Master Yoda, but is a member of the same mysterious species, according to an online Star Wars encyclopedia.

The Mandalorian showrunners even kept the lovable character, called The Child, out of promotional material ahead of the show’s release to keep its on-screen debut a surprise, reports said.

This video, posted by Orlando-based Disney blogger Serena Lyn, shows the character dressed in a Santa Claus outfit as it looks around the Holiday Matsuri convention. Baby Yoda’s handler said he decked out the 3-D printed puppet in a small dog outfit and created its space bassinet carrier out of foam.

“It was 3D printed in three pieces. I glued them together, I filled them in, sanded them down, and I painted it with model paint,” the man says in the video.