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Canadian researcher creates gingerbread house measuring 1/10 of a hair

tiny gingerbread house.PNG
Look closely, and you'll see the tiny gingerbread house on top of the snowman, measuring only one tenth of a hair! // Courtesy of CNN Newsource

Some things you just need to see to believe.

One researcher in Canada created what is thought to be the world's tiniest gingerbread house, according to CNN. Measuring just one-tenth of a hair, it's complete with a wreath, snow-capped roof, and a Christmas tree -- and it's 20,000 times smaller than your average gingerbread house!

Travis Casagrande told CNN he created it using an ion beam microscope and silicon.

"Some of the construction of this was quite unconventional, though, so I had to come up with new techniques," said Casagrande.

What looks like a huge tree trunk in the image below is actually a human hair next to the snowman on which the cookie house proudly sits.

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Casagrande's portfolio includes another tiny task. CNN reports he planted a Canadian flag in the branch of a letter on a penny back in 2017 -- and that, too, was only 10 micrometers long.