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BULLETPROOF Takes a Holiday in 3-Part Event Starting March 15th

BULLETPROOF takes a holiday in 3-Part South Africa event starting March 15th at 7pm on CW18.

Pack your bags for an action-packed vacation with the boys! Pike and Bishop find that crime doesn't take a holiday during the BULLETPROOF South Africa three-episode special event starting Monday, March 15th at 7pm.

For the uninitiated, BULLETPROOF is a British police procedural series, created by and starring Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters, that follows the cases of NCA detectives (and best friends) Aaron Bishop and Ronnie Pike Jr. The duo, despite their different backgrounds and family situations, forged a brotherly, unbreakable bond. Together, and with the help of their team at the National Crime Agency, they risk life, limb, and their badges to fight crime on the streets of East London and beyond. Pike and Bish may not always follow the rules and are prone to property damage and shootouts, but they never falter in their commitment to bringing criminals to justice.

In season three's three-episode special, BULLETPROOF finds Bishop (Noel Clarke) and Pike (Ashley Walters) heading to South Africa in search of a much-needed vacation from their London day-job. Unfortunately for them, rest and relaxation will have to wait as they get swept up in the kidnapping of a young girl and they soon find themselves delving into the criminal underbelly of Cape Town. This tense, action-packed journey will take them from the lavish world of Cape Town’s elite, through the poverty-stricken townships, with danger around every corner. Bishop and Pike will learn that not everyone with a badge can be trusted.

The mini series will air Mondays at 7pm starting March 15th. After ALL AMERICAN STORIES II takes a snap in the 8pm slot following the BULLETPROOF season finale on March 29th and a special encore of the SUPERMAN & LOIS 2-hour premiere event takes flight on April 5th, all-new episodes of ALL AMERICAN and BLACK LIGHTNING return to Monday nights starting April 12th.

Get ready for beaches, boardwalks, and kidnapping(?!) during the BULLETPROOF South Africa three-part series event starting Monday, March 15th at 7pm on Milwaukee's CW18!