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OUR ISSUES MILWAUKEE: CONVERSATIONS ON RACE explores difficult discussions March 29th

Program Title Treatment for OUR ISSUES MILWAUKEE: CONVERSATIONS ON RACE is composited over the city of Milwaukee. (Photo: CW18 | My24)

The events of the last year are just the latest examples of the core problems and issues that still plague our progress as a nation and human race. OUR ISSUES MILWAUKEE: CONVERSATIONS ON RACE is a new series of primetime specials that explores difficult discussions and looks to enlighten and bridge the gaps within our communities starting March 29th.

Bringing people together and affecting change in ourselves and our communities is no easy task. CW18 & My24, thanks to the support of community-minded partners, will ask viewers to look within and at the world around them in an effort to facilitate the conversations about ourselves and our neighbors that can be painful, raw, and uncomfortable. Special guests will join host Andrea Williams for informational segments and frank dialogues about race relations and identity in and around Milwaukee. Topics breached include systemic racisms effects resonating beyond communities of color, identifying and confronting our own prejudices, and improving our community through outreach and action.

In the first of this series of specials, Williams explores the beginnings, evolution, and effects of systemic racism on Milwaukee's African American communities with historian and educator Reggie Jackson; discusses efforts to establish a more just and equitable society with Racial Justice Officer Martha Berry of the YWCA Southeast Wisconsin; examines Ascension Wisconsin's social justice framework known as ABIDE with Director of Spritual Care and Mission Integration Antonina Olszewski; talks vaccine access with Dr. Hashim Zaibak of the South Side's Hayat Pharmacy; and evaluates vaccination safety concerns with Dr. Jay Balachandran of Ascension Columbia St. Mary's.

There will be numerous opportunities to dig into the special as OUR ISSUES MILWAUKEE: CONVERSATIONS ON RACE is scheduled to air:

  • Monday, March 29th at 7pm on My24
  • Wednesday, March 31st at 9pm on CW18
  • Wednesday, April 7th at 7pm on My24
  • Friday, April 9th at 9pm on CW18
  • Tuesday, April 20th at 7pm on My24
  • Thursday, April 22nd at 9pm on CW18
  • Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm on My24
  • Tuesday, May 4th at 9pm on CW18

These conversations are merely the beginning. The journey ahead can be daunting and emotional, but it is necessary if we are to build a stronger community through understanding and acceptance. Join us for OUR ISSUES MILWAUKEE: CONVERSATIONS ON RACE on Milwaukee's CW18 & My24.

A special thanks to our fine community partners who are fighting for racial equality and a better world for all right here in our communities.