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OUR ISSUES MILWAUKEE Special discusses Black Lives Matter movement

OUR ISSUES MILWAUKEE Special discusses Black Lives Matter movement

A special edition of OUR ISSUES MILWAUKEE discussing the Black Lives Matter movement will air in primetime time slots on both CW18 and My24 starting June 23rd.

Host Andrea Williams welcomes three local guests with unique perspectives on the global movement. Maria Hamilton, Eric Lucas III, and Khalil Coleman join the program to share their stories and insights into the anti-racist protests filling streets around the world following the killing of George Floyd during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His case and others have sparked outrage and activism in the name of Freedom, Liberation, and Justice.

Maria Hamilton is the mother of Dontre Hamilton, who was killed by Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney in Red Arrow Park in the spring of 2014. Eric Lucas III was thrust into the national conversation when Lawyer Stephanie Rapkin spit in his face while he was peacefully protesting the killing of George Floyd. Williams will explore how this has changed his outlook and why it's important to keep working for change even when facing fierce push back. Finally, Community Activist and Protest Organizer Khalil Coleman joins the program to talk about the success of the peaceful protests in Milwaukee, and what he hopes the movement can accomplish.

The half-hour will be shown four times in prime time hours and hope to shed light on why people around the world are saying "Enough is enough."

Tuesday, June 23rd | 9:30pm on CW18

Wednesday, June 24th | 9:00pm on My24

Sunday, June 28th | 9:00pm on CW18

Thursday, July 2nd | 9:30pm on My24

Viewers can join Andrea Williams for all-new episodes covering a wide range of public affairs topics on OUR ISSUES MILWAUKEE, Sundays at 7:30am on CW18 and Saturdays at 6:30am & Sundays at 6am on My24.