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September's Fall Schedules Bring Big Changes to CW18 & My24

The new season's fall schedules bring big changes to CW18 & My24, including the pictured additions of CHICAGO FIRE and THE NATIONAL DESK and new comedy lineups featuring THE GOLDBERGS and LAST MAN STANDING and TWO AND A HALF MEN, THE KING OF QUEENS, and SCHITT'S CREEK.{ }

As another September comes to a close, the new season of television is set to begin at CW18 & My24. The 2021-22 Broadcast Schedule brings with it some new additions, the end of some programs' runs, and a number of changes that affect fan favorites on both of our stations. Get ready for new faces and some old faces in new places starting Monday, September 27th. Here are the highlights of what to expect and where to find some of the shows on the move.


Weekdays are heating up on CW18 thanks to the fiery drama that comes from the brave men and women of Chicago Firehouse 51. An extended family will be forged as these heroes shoulder the pressures of saving lives as they risk their own in their roles as dedicated firefighters, rescue squad, and paramedics. CHICAGO FIRE joins the CW18 lineup weekdays at 1pm, taking over for JERRY SPRINGER, which remains on My24.

For The Win Weekdays will continue to bring the fun and games we all know and love to provide competitive entertainment Monday-Friday starting at 2pm, only now with even more FAMILY FEUD laughs with Steve Harvey. An hour of FAMILY FEUD takes over for the departing WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE weekdays at 3pm. The quick-witted panelists return to all-new episodes of FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK and 25 WORDS OR LESS to complete the afternoon trifecta of fun.

Weeknights bring the biggest wave of changes this season after The CW Network content delivers the superheroes, mysteries, drama, and laughs we've come to expect from 7-9pm, now seven nights a week. The family sitcoms are making way for nights filled with headlines, scoops, and entertainment gossip courtesy of the new lineup consisting of THE NATIONAL DESK, DailyMailTV, DISH NATION, and ACCESS DAILY from 9pm-1:30am.

Premiering Monday, September 27th, an evening edition of our parent company Sinclair Broadcast Group's own production, THE NATIONAL DESK touts America's News, Now. TND will wrap up the day with a live two-hour news program starting at 9pm that explores consumer news, economic topics, politics, health news, investigative, and breaking news using a network of local reporters from SBG's stations around the country. It is anchored by the award-winning journalists Meagan O'Halloran and Eugene Ramirez.


September 27th brings with it an overhaul of My24's day-to-day program schedule, starting with a mega block of courtroom rulings and lively litigants weekdays at 7am. Joining the lineup of familiar faces including Judges Karen Mills, Mablean, Kevin Ross, Cristina Perez, Lauren Lake, and Faith Jenkins is newcomer Judge Rhonda Wills and the incomparable Judge Jerry Springer. Judge Wills resides over family drama and disputes on the all-new RELATIVE JUSTICE weekdays at 11 & 11:30am, while JUDGE JERRY relocates from the 5pm hour to 12 & 12:30pm. JUDGE JERRY enters its third season promising wild stories and cases featuring entertaining litigants with bold personalities.

The afternoon stays intact with the three kings of daytime conflict, Jerry, Maury, and Steve digging for truth weekdays starting at 1pm, and the judges of HOT BENCH bringing the heat of three legal minds to their courtroom weekdays at 4 & 4:30pm.

Modern comedy classics bring dinnertime delights as two very funny families shake things up. THE GOLDBERGS and LAST MAN STANDING bring the funny weeknights from 5-7pm. CHICAGO FIRE brings to heat Tuesday nights to MyNetworkTV's primetime lineup which continues to deliver crime drama, shocking court case investigations, and detectives looking for justice thanks to LAW & ORDER: SVU, DATELINE, and CHICAGO PD weeknights from 7-9pm.

TWO AND A HALF MEN brings the antics of the Harpers to late night, leading off a new three-hour block comedies that always deliver on laughs. Full hours of THE KING OF QUEENS and SCHITT'S CREEK will help end every night with different flavors of funny weeknights starting at 9pm.

Finally, the best of animated sitcoms run wild on weeknights as Animayhem shifts back on the schedule. The timeless laughs of THE SIMPSONS, FAMILY GUY, and BOB'S BURGERS will now be found weeknights starting at midnight on My24.

Big changes are here and we're ready for all of the laughs, tears, thrills, games, and headlines we're proud to deliver to help break up the daily grind. We hope you'll join us for another season of Milwaukee's Best in Entertainment on CW18 & My24!