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4 Easy Ways to Burn 150 Calories

Here are four fast and [relatively] painless ways to burn 150 calories.

January is often characterized by ambitious fitness goals that turn into fitness failures by the time February rolls around. In honor of the Shape Up U.S. month, why not set a realistic goal that will help you improve your wellness for a long time to come?

Here’s an easy goal for you: exercise at least enough to burn 150 calories every day. It might sound like a bit of a stretch but it’s not as hard as you might think. Here are four fast and [relatively] painless ways to burn 150 calories.

Note that the rate at which you burn calories will depend on a few factors including your starting weight. The following estimates are based on a starting weight of 150 lbs and calculated using MyFittnessPal. Those who weigh more will burn more calories engaging in the activities described below, while those who weigh less will burn fewer calories. For more accurate estimates, find a calorie-burning calculator and plug in your weight.

1. Take A Walk

Easy, right? If you walk at 3.5 mph for 35 minutes, you’ll burn 151 calories. If you walk faster you’ll burn calories more quickly and if you walk more slowly, it will take you more than 35 minutes to hit the 150 mark. Let this measure be a starting point for your calorie estimates and consider using an activity tracker to get an exact read on your speed and rate of calorie burning.

2. Hit The Dance Floor

Going to the bar isn’t exactly an exercise, but if you get your groove on you stand to burn some serious calories. Different styles of dance use calories at different rates but generally speaking, you can burn 153 calories by dancing for 30 minutes. Slow ballroom dancing will burn fewer calories, hip hop-style dancing will burn more, and high-intensity moves like twerking burn the most calories of all. Next time you’re sitting on a barstool and bobbing your head, consider busting a move to bust through some calories.

3.Do Your Yardwork

Not to be a nag, but you really ought to take care of your yard: it’s a great way to fit exercise into a schedule that’s already full. Intense yardwork like shoveling snow will burn 155 calories in 22 minutes, while lighter work like planting flowers or weeding the flower beds will burn 150 calories in 33 minutes. Instead of outsourcing your lawn care, consider doing it yourself to build more activity into your routine.

4.Liven Up Your Living Space

If your walls need a fresh coat of paint, you’ve found yourself a project and a solid workout: according to LIVESTRONG, painting for 30 minutes will burn around 160 calories. Depending on the size of your house, you could really paint off the pounds!

Remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym every day – it can mean choosing to handle the yardwork yourself, taking a stroll during your lunch break or boogying next time you’re at the bar.

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